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Managed by VehicleFile
VehicleFile Works for You!
Made in USA
The VehicleFile Fleet Management System has Benefits beyond providing a centralized repository for your Equipment.
Save Time and Money Organizing and Tracking your Equipment.
VehicleFile makes it EASY to Organize and Figure your Costs.
Can You easily answer questions like:
• Just how much stuff am I responsible for?
• Where is everything supposed to be?
• When did we buy that thing?
• How much money did I spend on it last year?
• What was done and when?
Like most people, you probably have records in a folder or two in a basket or drawer and that is a good start. But paper records alone can't solve your maintenance history and future scheduling needs. Ok, one or two or even three vehicles that someone else operates you might be able to keep straight, but for five or ten no way! You need a system that tells you exactly when to get those pieces of equipment back to the shop for some preventative maintenance, or for a State or other registration renewal.
Do you feel that broken down trucks on the highway, a driver who loses a half a day or more and backed up deliveries are a fact of life? A cost of doing business?

Well, my friend that is a quick way to the "Out of Business" business. There are just too many competitors out there to let a customer slip away due to mechanical failure, or time wasted for ticket after ticket, especially those that could have been prevented!
Customer Defined Rules automatically categorize equipment
and create maintenance histories.
VehicleFile balances demands for Mechanics.
Helps management level-out workload peaks and valleys.
You know what is best for your company.
VehicleFile allows you to organize your fleet on your terms.
VehicleFile is Affordable! VehicleFile is Reliable!
VehicleFile Works for You!
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