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VehicleFile Feature
Made in USA
The VehicleFile Fleet Management System was created by experts in Fleet Management and Software Engineering.
VehicleFile was built for use on the Internet from the ground up.
Features Include:
• Functional Modules, require security privileges for access
• Easy, Intuitive Data entry
• Logical Screen design
• Optimized for Brilliantly Quick response
VehicleFile Modules are driven by security profiles. System users are allowed to see or not see certain data. Their ability to access system functions or data is determined by You, the Owner.
VehicleFile hosts its servers in a nationally recognized, secure facility used by many major New York corporations including the Associated Press and Wall Street firms. This hosting facility provides redundant power backups and communications lines.
The Functional Modules are briefly described here.
Module Summary: Equipment and Fuel
The Equipment module is the central point for organizing vehicles and other items that you wish to keep track of. Note that this module is termed Equipment and not specifically vehicles. You may abstract the things organized in VehicleFile to items other than cars and trucks. Anything your organization needs to keep a list of which may receive periodic maintenance can be placed in this database. You could even track buildings for paint jobs.

VehicleFile gives you the ability to track your Fuel Usage and Costs. For each fueling, we calculate the miles traveled, miles per gallon and fuel cost per mile. New fuel records compare the fuel ending mileage value to the current mileage value of the equipment and when the fueling mileage is greater, it will update the equipment automatically.

Customers who have Point of Sale fuel capture facilities such as GasBoy© can have an integrated data feed directly to VehicleFile.
Module Summary: Work Orders
Work Orders are maintenance records that contain vehicle specific information. The maintenance tasks performed are tracked by date and mileage as recorded when the vehicle enters the repair facility (the Open Date). The individual who opens the maintenance record is noted. The date the vehicle maintenance record is closed is also recorded and is the starting point for calendar sensitive maintenance tasks.

Work orders are created by users or generated by the system when maintenance is close to coming due. A Work Order can have many tasks and each task can show the mechanic responsible for the work as well as the mechanic's hours. Many parts with their costs can be taken from inventory and added onto the work order. Many sublet tasks and costs can be added. A total cost is calculated for the work order.
Module Summary: Parts Inventory
An extensive, historic inventory database allows detailed tracking of orders and credits, including the important core credits. Parts are organized in a parts catalog, where manufacturer, part name, part number and part category are linked. Extensive searches and reports can be made on any of these parameters.
Module Summary: Employees
Employees in your VehicleFile system can range from Administrative Assistant to Senior Mechanic. These titles are decided you using the setup utility. In addition, an hourly wage rate can be entered with values that are automatically applied to work order tasks when the employee is selected as the mechanic responsible for performing the work.

Employee records generally hold mechanic and driver data, but can become a complete repository for information on your staff.
Module Summary: Vendors
The Vendor module serves to tie purchases of parts, equipment and sublet work order tasks to an entity. It provides a convenient repository of names and contact information. Vendors can provide electronic data that VehicleFile automatically incorporates, increasing accuracy and reducing data entry costs and errors.
Module Summary: Reports
The Reports module offers reports on most aspects of the fleet system, from counts of equipment to fuel costs to work order details to inventory value. Reports can be customized to a particular output format and saved for future use.

Output formats include the onscreen / html format, a CSV format and a tab-delimited format and can saved to disk or will open a desktop application like a spreadsheet of word processing program for instant incorporation into a document.
Module Summary: Utilities / System Setup
You have the Utilities module to customize your settings. Most utility screens follow the same interface and style of use. The VehicleFile look and feel can change with each user because there are six menu styles and color schemes you can choose from to suit your mood or ambient lighting.

Choices for the setup include adding the system Users, the Security and access to the Modules, Garage Locations, Departments, Groups, and Preventative Maintenance. This might seem to be an intimidating set of options to prepare, but after it's done you will see there's really not that much. The beauty of VehicleFile is the power in the few simple parameters that are used.
Search Screens and Searching
Finding the item you're interested in is easy with VehicleFile. For the Equipment, Work Orders, Parts and Employee main menu screens there are multiple fields where one or more attributes can be typed or selected from a list and then submitted. Most typed-in entries allow wildcards or partial matches, so guesses when searching are considered valid and welcomed.
Thousands of vehicles are now managed by VehicleFile software.
VehicleFile is Affordable! VehicleFile is Reliable!
VehicleFile Works for You!
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