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The VehicleFile.com Team values the experience of each and every customer.
We want your experiences with VehicleFile to be positive so that you tell your friends to sign up too!

We have accumulated feedback and design ideas from many experienced fleet managers over the years and believe the VehicleFile system is robust and easy to use.

We also know, because we are human, that an introduction to a new software package presents challanges, and that there may be situations that arrive during the use of the system that cause confusion or mistakes or even an error.

This page is your opportunity to directly address the Team with questions or comments. Help is available here or through contacting us by email.

Please review the VehicleFile Tour and the User Guide since these have been proven to answer most questions regarding the routine operation of VehicleFile.

We strive to provide individualized customer service although it may not be possible to address all questions immediately. We regret that we cannot respond to submissions of this form.

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Inquiries and Correspondence
Please send VehicleFile.com inquiries to the e-mail address specified below.

Old Road Software
54 Danbury Road Suite 407
Ridgefield CT 06877
Phone: (914) 729-0246


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